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May 12, 2011 / flutterdabutter

cluttered. 'moon river'

read more here:

May 12, 2011 / flutterdabutter

updates and new blog url!

first of all – i wanted to say thank you to all of you who shopped at my store during ‘tuition fees’ sale! i really appreciate your help guys! <33
school is a bit crazy right now. overhelming. would use some crossed fingers in next two months.
i don't know. just wanted say 'hi'.
(i'm slowly working on new stuff in breaks between studying and writting my thesis, so you can expect some news from me again soon)

my new blog. for all updates (both flowey and cluttered flowey), random fashion blogging, lookbooks and other things i do.
hopefully the final one. i just want to have everything in one place.

April 28, 2011 / flutterdabutter

GATCHA! gatchagatchagatcha.

GATCHA!! cluttered flowey. elephant gun.

hi hi hi,
are you all sick of me yet :D? i’m participating in spring albero gatcha festival.
get it here:

i hope you like them, i worked my ass off on them today (got into this round in last minute).

April 24, 2011 / flutterdabutter

(cluttered) flowey. bed of monsters

just a quick note. i just released the bed i’ve been working on quiet a few months (for some reason … don’t ask!). you could see a sneak peek of it in fall’s round of the seasons hunt.

you can get it (and try it) ONLY in cluttered flowey @ ALBERO H&G:

also now you can join (in-world) cluttered flowey group in albero location by clicking the poster near bed. after some time only there you will be able to get new updates about cluttered flowey AND some random gifts and discounts in the future. join is free for now, there is small ‘welcome’ gift in notices.

don’t forget to check my sale on skyboxes while you’re there!

have a good holiday weekend!

April 19, 2011 / flutterdabutter

quick and unplanned

i just opened oficial location and i didn’t plan any sale soon but rl came across my plans. long story short – the scholarship program that was helping me pay school fee is having financial problems this year and has no funds for the last semester so i deiced to make a sale to raise some money for the tuition fees.


skybox are now 250-250-125-50, this bargain will never happen again!

ps. i will have few small releases next week, also under the ‘for tuition fees’, poses and maybe some skybox wich most likely will be out only for limited time, so stay tunned. thank you in advance guys!

April 18, 2011 / flutterdabutter

what i’ve been up to.

i’ve dissapeared again. i guess i just can’t stick to one blog for longer time. rl was keeping me quiet busy but i had to chance to release some stuff from time to time. i haven’t got a chance to photograph any of my look unfrotunately, but i hope to do some fashion blogging this summer. i plan to creat one blog for all posts about my stores and outfits and in general everything i do in sl. but about that some other time!
so what did i do? long story short:

– i will start from some newest release – poses! i made them for the pose fair. the event is over now but you can grab them in my store now! (i will put all slurls at the end of the post)

flowey. i <3 hallie

flowey. all i can see

– back in december january i released few tea cups (to go and mugs) in both rezzable and wearable version in tea house located in bazaar i opened with my partner-in-crime thaumata strangelove:

Tea Cup Bazaar

'homeless books' release!

tiny 'homeless books' release!

– also a few skyboxes i made in my procrastination seassions, and speaking of wich i finally opened new department (cluttered) flowey! one, most popular skybox was marked down and i put in dollarbie to celebrate it:

(cluttered) flowey.

and two new skyboxes there:

cluttered. on a winter's night

the sunbeam box vol.2 IS OUT!

– at last but not least, my seasons hunt prize:

before i go ...

now TAXIS:
flowey. [for poses and seasons hunt]
homeless books the teahouse. [for all of you tea maniacs]
(cluttered) flowey. [for skyboxes]

sorry for spaming! i will make one more post on this blog with link to new blog (hopefully last one 😉 )

September 30, 2010 / flutterdabutter

# 14. You and I.

You and I.

Putting together my favourite piecies from favourite stores. Whippet&Buck, Maitreya, Paper Couture, Tres Blah – thank you for making me pretty.

-tb- {Pale} JeJune Luminous
Maitreya Uma – Cacao
MIASNOW Nails – Red DARK glossy (freebie, the prettiest mani i’ve seen inSL imho)

Last Call Marie-Helene Brocade Camisole (shirt) (no longer available)
[W&B] Harris Tartan Shorts BLACK
[W&B] Striped Bodysuit
p.c; Crossroads Gown Jacket

tooth necklace (reall oldies, by Tweed Silvera, no longer available)
*MM* Feather Pendant Necklace (no longer available too I think.)
p.c; Moon Ring
p.c; Studded Gold Circles (R)
flowey. ‘light as a feather’ ring ((right))
Maitrea Gold Allure Umber (with knee socks in Cerulean)

Pose by Olivia Connaught.